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Post  Soraja on Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:09 pm

Here I will post the raiding times...It may change from time to time so if you are not informed on the Guild msg you can check the changes here.


10 Normal:
Tuesday __ 16h __ Soraja
Wednesday __ 16h __ Dementor

10 Heroic:
Monday __ 19h __ Draimore

25 normal:
Tuesday __ 20h __ Gilbert
Thursday __ 19h __ Drmadman

25 heroic:
Wednesday __ 19h __ Drmadman


ToC Normal :
Monday __ 16h __ Santababy

Achievemnt runs:

Every week on Sunday evening there will be held one achievement run with the Guild,

TBC/ Vanilla raids __ Hammon
Lich King ___ Yukko

PVP events :

Thursday __ 21h __ Santababy Smile


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