Rebellion Memories

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Rebellion Memories

Post  Soraja on Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:27 am

I do not want to talk a lot in this post, I just want to say that Rebellion Guild went through the best and worst in the past 3 years of gaming:) I already miss many members and I hope that one day we will reunite at least for a one more raid Very Happy...

In this Topic I will be posting many of the SS I made in Rebellion Smile ENJOY:

This is me and Avanturista in Wailing Caverns .

Many know what this is xD stupid Feet bug hehe

"Banevuk can you move a bit pls" xD

Sometimes being left alone while enjoying the silent and sceneries seems the best thing <3

BG at it best!

Ally against Hordes in SW!


Finally my Chopper! <3

Gnome Event Smile

Tungada and Soraja <3 Forever FAT <3

I will post more some other time Very Happy...feel free to post ur Rebellion memories ^^

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Re: Rebellion Memories

Post  Yukko on Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:28 am

Wow,that is great Soraja,i deleted by accident most of my ss,but got some left:)

Check the pig in the back Very Happy

first rebellion Razz-chilling time

one from retail

and this is me on gnome event,i came 4th if i remember well Smile


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