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Voting for a New GM  Empty Voting for a New GM

Post  Soraja on Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:12 am

just days ago our Empire guild has gone through a devestating period, unfortunately we have lost three of our best members in guild since they have decided to go and try their luck on retail. Empire Guild wishes them all the best.

However, that means that we are in search of a new GM who will handle all the berdun of this fully formed and long lasting guild. As a member of the Empire you will recieve an ingame msg that oblige you to vote for a new Gm - your choice must be reasonable and you should pick the person who is: the longest in this guild, who helps the most, who was always active in PVE raids and PVP events. Also that person should be selfishless, no matter what gs that person has it MOST help others develop and expand. The important thing is that we all, or most of us agree on picking him/her.

In order for you not to have a reason to complain about our future new GM, please do vote ingame and send a reply msg to Soraja. This is how your reply msg should look like:

Voting for a New GM  Wowscr13

Two days are left for voting after that a list of votes will be post here and everyone will see his vote so their will be no unjustice done.

Empire guild wishes you a nice time voting Very Happy

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