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Post  Ratko on Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:26 pm



What I do in real life:Chilling and playing WoW

Something about myself:I am on a vacation till September. I worked in Afghanistan for a year and now im spending the money xD I have alot of time to spend on WoW

My wow experience: I started playing WoW on Crogge TBC and ive played on diffrent servers im here 3 years and i play WoW 5 years

My character name:
Class/spec: Scarab Human dk 5.8 pvp 5.6 pve tank
Fugara Dranei shaman 5.3 full pve resto shammeh

I know someone from your guild:I know Yukko and Frea

I will be good addition to your guild, because i want to raid and im there for fun and i know how to play my chars

Nashi smo


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