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Post  Deadlymoon on Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:02 pm

Age: 16 turning into 17 over 3 days sunny

Country: The Netherlands

What I do in real life: Still student working in local shop to earn some monney..

Something about myself: My name is Oualid , in spare time I play WoW ofc . nothing specials , playing football also doing good job in school^^.

My wow experience:Long time even remember , when there was TBC on my previous server.

My character name: Deadlymoon

Class/spec: Death Knight , Blood TANK GS : 5480
, Frost DPS GS : 4921 (mostly only doing rdf with this gear still gearing tank then I go over to gear dps gear)

I know someone from your guild: Not really few ppl dnno who in it excalty.. but I saw some loyal players in it like Disturbed any many others.

I will be good addition to your guild,because : you can expect from me that I do my jobs in raid and recently talk in guildchat .

Greets ,

Btw tomorrow I go on vacation for 3 weeks so I won't be able to logon so would be great if you reply here instead of ingame mail or somthing .

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Deadlymoon @ Apply Empty Re: Deadlymoon @ Apply

Post  Tungada on Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:31 am


Sorry for I wrote in the post before, I didn't have time to check forum...

Will see you in the game then Very Happy.... you know who to whisper Very Happy


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