What you need to know before joining Empire!

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What you need to know before joining Empire! Empty What you need to know before joining Empire!

Post  Rastkinho on Thu Jun 14, 2012 1:34 pm

Our guild is big and healthy community for all players. And we wish to keep it that way. Like in every normal community there must be some ground rules.

1. First and most important rule is to respect your guild friends. Any sign of disrespect will result in getting removed from guild without explanation.

2. Spaming and being anoying in guild chat will result in rank "Silencio". It means that you wont be able to write on guild chat, until you cool off. Continue with some actions, you will get kicked.

3. Main language is English. Spaming on some other language will also result rank "Silencio".

4. Officers read Omegawow forum frequently, so if they notice that you got warned or banned from gm's because of any stupidity (hack,abuse,spam etc) you will get instant kick. We have our reputation and we want to keep it.

5. If you qq about items in our raid,you will get kicked from raid, put on icc cool-down for one week. If you continue again you will be kicked.

6. Leaving raid for any rage reason will result like rule No 5.

7. Leave guild once, and you will not get second chance.

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